Advent Prayer

Thanks to Carol of Catholic Community Forum for this prayer. I will pray for you and your husband. I wish you the best to the new chapter of your lives.

We await a King…

…The Lord Jesus Christ,
~Who came as a king in a lowly manger –
~Who comes into our hearts with each outpouring of grace –
~Who will come again to fulfill the glory of the heavenly kingdom!

Let us live in this world,
Awaiting the blessed hope
And coming in glory
of the great God who is pure Love.

Lord God, grace us during this holy season to understand how we are to live in the Kingdom each day. Fill us with the desire and the courage to truly be Christ to every soul we encounter.

With the eyes of the Child of Bethlehem, let us see the world as the blessed creation You stirred up from Your love.

With the heart of a Savior, let us be present to others as Christ is present to us in Word, in Sacrifice and in Spirit.

With the wisdom of a King, let us fill in the valleys and level the mountains to help make a straight path for the King of Glory as we cry out…

O Come, O Come, Immanuel!


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