Roman Catholic Prayer of Complete Trust in God

O kind and merciful God, in Your Hands I place my hopes and fears, my likes and dislikes, my happiness and unhappiness, my joys and sorrows. I offer You the needs of my perishable body and the more important ones of my imperishable soul. I do not have to be afraid for my soul as long as I leave it in Your loving care.

Great are my failings and my wretchedness, but even greater is my hope in You. It is stronger than my weakness, greater than my difficulties, and mightier than death.

Though assailed by temptation, I will hope in You. Though I may falter because of weakness, I will continue to trust in You. Though I may not live up to my promises, I will confidently seek grace from You to renew and keep them. Though You may take away my earthly life, even then I will maintain my hope in You.

You are my Father and my God, the ground of my salvation. You are my gracious and loving Father, and I am Your beloved child. I cast myself in Your Arms and ask for Your blessing. I place all my trust in You and I know that I will not be confounded. Amen.


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